Registration of Employment Seekers

Link for Registration:


Nationality:  All citizens of India resident in the country are eligible for registration at the Employment Exchanges for employment assistance. Other foreign nationals resident in India can be registered, provided there is no prohibition against employing them under the local laws and regulations, or other orders sanctioning their stay in country. If an applicant applies from outside India for employment assistance, he shall be informed that so long as he reside outside India, it would not be possible to render him employment assistance.

Age:  Applicants above the age of 14 years are eligible for registration but there is no maximum age limit prescribed for registration.

Applicants, whose chances of getting employed are remote, being too young or too old, have to submit a written statement to the effect that though their chances of employment are remote they still desire to be registered, which will be kept in the record.

Charges: The Employment Service is a free Service and no fee shall be levied for the services rendered.

In a nutshell, an Employment Seeker has to produce the following Certificates (Both original & photocopy):

  1. Nationality Certificate (PRTC / Citizenship Certificate)
  2. Age proof Certificate. (Birth Certificate / Admit of Madhyamik Exam)
  3. Qualification Certificate/ Mark sheet.

Place of Registration

Applicants, unless specially exempted by the State Director or the Director General, shall be registered at the Employment Exchange in whose jurisdiction they normally reside.

Hours of Registration

The registration time of job seekers is during all the working hours of the working day.