History of Employment Services & Manpower Planning

Before 1957 the Employment Services were controlled by the Government of India. Thereafter as per accepted recommendation of the Training & Employment Services Organization Committee (Shiva Rao Committee), the National Employment Service maintained in joint collaboration between the Government of India and State Governments.

The first Employment Exchange in Tripura started functioning at Agartala in the year 1957 with one Assistant Employment Officer and a handful of clerical staff. The jurisdiction of that Exchange was all over the then Union Territory of Tripura, Subsequently , in 1967 with the growth of live register , this only Employment Exchange was raised to the status of Sub-Regional Employment Officer and assisted by one Assistant Employment Officer with the attainment of statehood and creation of two more Districts, namely Tripura North and Tripura South , two District Employment Exchange were opened in the early pary of 1972, 10.05.1972, in two District Head Quarters , Kailashar and Udaipur. To cater the need of rural Job- Seekers, the first phase of net- work of Employment Service in the style of one man Services unit at Block Head Quarters under the name of Employment Information & Assistance Bureaux (E.I.& A.B) began during that period . In the year 1973, 16.07.1973, the erstwhile Directorate of Manpower which started separately was merged with the Employment Exchanges of the State under name and style Directorate of Employment Services & Manpower Planning with one full fledged Director at its head. In the year 1980 (29.02.1980) a Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped persons was opened at Agartala under the Directorate at the instance of Government of India as a centrally sponsored Scheme. In 1987, 03.03.1987 a new Employment Exchange, namely Town Employment Exchange was opened at Dharmanagar bifurcating the District Employment Exchange, Kailashar and this new Employment Exchange covers the Sub-Division of Dharmanagar only. Consequence upon creation of another new District at Dhalai a District Employment Exchange, has been opened at Dhalali District on 18.10.1996.

  • Employment Exchange-1957.
  • Sub-Regional Employment Exchange-1967.
  • Directorate of Employment Services & Manpower Planning-16.07.1973.
  • District Employment Exchange , Udaipur-10.05.1972.
  • District Employment Exchange, Kailashar-10.05.1972.
  • Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped.-29.02.1980.
  • Town Employment Exchange, Dharmanagar-03.03.1987. (***)
  • District Employment Exchange, Dhalai.-18.10.1996

Employment Exchange which is a unit of National Employment Service (NES) entrusted to provide necessary assistance to Job-seekers by helping them in finding regular Jobs or through self-employment, provide vocational guidance to shape their careers and present Labour Market Information (LMI) for policy planning and research purpose.

(***):-Nomenclature of Sub-Regional Employment Exchange & Town Employment Exchange, Dharmanagar has been changed to District Employment Exchange, Agartala & District Employment Exchange, Dharmanagar respectively w.e.f.

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